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Customer Review – 2-Door Range Rover Instrument Binnacle Cover

From another of our satisfied customers:

I had been looking on eBay and the internet for these parts for some time, but was not prepared to pay the excessive prices people are asking for them as used parts.

So when I saw these new products on the Famous Four web site, I pressed the button and purchased them, for what I thought was a reasonable price.

They were packed very well and arrived in good time. The binnacle front was a perfect  fit, and looks great.

The front  closing panel also fitted brilliantly. I had to drill two small holes, one at each corner, and all other holes lined up perfectly. It seems to be made out of slightly thicker material than the original, which can only be good and should last longer than the original.

If this is the standard of all Famous Four’s  re-manufactured parts, I won’t hesitate to purchase from them again.

A very satisfied customer.

Tim K,  Bedfordshire, UK.


If you are interested in purchasing our Instrument Binnacle Cover they are available to order online here:

FF009458 – Cover – Instrument Binnacle

Famous Four specialise in parts and restorations of Classic Range Rover vehicles, including supplying rare and re-manufactured parts, see our website for more details:

Parts for Classic Range Rover 1970-85 Models

Parts for Classic Range Rover 1985-95 Models

New Classic Range Rover Products

The devil is in the detail!

Famous Four, market leading parts suppliers and restorers of Classic Range Rover vehicles, began a programme to re-manufacture long obsolete parts for these vehicles some years ago, enabling the owners and restorers worldwide to source those previously unobtainable items which finish their car to the very highest standards. Here are some of our latest exclusive products available to order online now at www.famousfour.co.uk.

Famous Four mail order parts and accessories for the entire range of Land Rover vehicles throughout the UK and worldwide daily, and offer a service unrivalled within the industry.

FF010307 Wiper Spindle Nut

FF010307 – CHROMED BRASS WIPER SPINDLE NUT  – fits all front windscreen wiper spindles up to 1985.

FF007763 Wiper Spindle Sealing Bush

FF007763 – WIPER SPINDLE BUSH – fits all front windscreen wiper spindles up to 1993. This is the outer (visible) bush.

FF010211 Front Apron - Upper Bumper

FF010211 – FRONT UNDER BUMPER APRON SPOILER – made from ABS plastic, fits vehicles up to 1987, and can be easily modified to fit later vehicles.

FF010212 Front Closing Panel

FF010212 – FRONT CLOSING PANEL – made from ABS plastic. Fits below the  front of the radiator, all vehicles pre-1985.


All items are available from stock. Famous Four’s range of parts is growing all the time, so keep a keen eye on their website for new releases, as well as a vast range of existing items.

New Air Conditioning Re-gas Services

services for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles using HFC R134a coolant gasFamous Four have recently acquired equipment and appropriate training in our workshops to allow us to offer air conditioning gas emptying, refilling and leak testing services for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles using HFC R134a coolant gas. We also offer air conditioning freshener treatments to freshen and sterilise systems suffering from mould or musty smells.

Take a look at our Workshop section for details on your specific model of Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle, and prices for Air Conditioning re-gas services, as well as a wide range of servicing, repairs and restoration work on vehicles right across the range.



Identify the air conditioning gas type in your vehicle?

Look for a label similar to the following (images 2, 3 and 4) on the slam panel at the front of the engine bay to identify the air conditioning Gas type in your vehicle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Parts help revive Suffix A Range Rover in Switzerland

We were interested to receive this news from a long-term customer in Switzerland;

I send you pictures of my 1972 Range Rover Suffix A which has less than 80,000 km (about 53,000 miles). I purchased it from a garage which has owned this car since 1975, so I’m the third owner from new. It was not looking good before I bought it so I had to do my first part of a long renovation process.

First of all I stripped down all the parts until I could see that there was not much rust to repair. After rust repair the whole car had a repaint. So now I have rebuilt the car as good as possible so that I could use it.  In the springtime I will carry out some service work and rebuild the interior with new parts sourced from Famous Four and to replace the heater matrix and then I hope that I can enjoy my Suffix A Range Rover again.

We wish him many more happy years of Range Rover Classic ownership!

Suffix A Range Rovers depart for the Continent

Today we dispatched two very early Suffix A Range Rover Classics to a client on the continent.

He contacted us with a request for an early vehicle for restoration, and we were able to supply him with two suitable ‘basket cases’ from our stock!

As we restore these cars in-house, we know just how much work will have to go in to his project, but we are sure the end result will be well worth the effort, as the very early examples of the Range Rover Classic are the most sought after.

Classic Range Rover Seat Coup

We are delighted to have sourced a large stock of front seats for later model year 4 door Classic Range Rovers, which we will be offering for sale to valued customers in the very near future.

All of the seats pictured are new, old stock, genuine Land Rover parts which have been unavailable for many years. They will undoubtedly be of great interest to restorers or owners of Range Rovers from the 1990s decade, to be used as replacements for worn or broken originals.

We will consider selling just the covers, or the seat electrics, so do feel free to contact us to see if we can help you with your specific requirements. Watch our website and our ebay pages for listings of individual seats.

Range Rover Top Tailgate Article in Land Rover Owner International

We recently invited Land Rover Owner International magazine to visit Famous Four and see how we build up our popular Range Rover Top Tailgate kits. You can find out all the details now too, as they’ve published a full how-to article in their latest edition. See our resident experts Rich S and Sander strip and reassemble a Range Rover top tailgate showing each step required with photos and detailed descriptions. More details are available in this months LRO magazine, out now.

Famous Four Range Rover Top Tailgates kits and pre-assembled tailgates with glass are available via rangerovertailgates.com and famousfour.co.uk to order online today. Famous Four are one of the UK’s leading Independent British 4×4 Specialists, supplying parts, spares and accessories for the full Land Rover and Range Rover range. We also have servicing and repair facilities for vehicles new and old, as well as carrying restorations to suit many different budgets and requirements.


ELA 830J Range Rover Restoration – Body & Front Axle

Much work has been undertaken on Range Rover Restoration project ELA 830J since it was last mentioned here and, with a dry day and some freshly painted gleaming body panels recently fitted, complete with detailed front axle rebuild, we took the opportunity today to break out of the workshops for a photo shoot. We hope to progress a little further before exhibiting this and other Range Rovers on our stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in November of this year.

EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCTS – Range Rover 390345 Seal & MXC1391 Plastic Arm Replacement

As the UK’s only manufacturer of top tailgates for Range Rover Classics we are asked repeatedly by our customers to supply many of the items which bolt on to the tailgate frames. Most of these, such as the tailgate side catches, handles and hinges are available from our stocks. Some items have been discontinued and are incredibly difficult to source.

In response to customer demand, we have successfully re-manufactured two previously obsolete parts;

FF007593 corresponds to Land Rover part number 390345 and is the rubber seal which fits to the bottom horizontal edge of the top tailgate. This was fitted to Range Rovers pre-1982 and is the earlier, thin type seal correct for the early 2 door vehicles.

FF009306 is the lever arm section of the link rod for the central locking actuator which forms part of Land Rover part number MXC1391. As it is usually just this arm that breaks, we have re-manufactured this piece as a method of repairing the link rod assembly.

Check out our online ordering webpages for details of how to order.

Range Rover Restoration: ELA 830J – Bodyshell in the Spray Booth

An auspicious day for our Range Rover restoration project ELA 830J as her bodyshell is now fully prepared and in primer. Top coat of Sahara Dust will be applied next week, and further pictures will follow. Watch this space….!