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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 6: “Raymond Felt Deflated”

Chapter 6: Raymond Felt Deflated


This morning I was on my way to work, and everything was going swimmingly, until I started to notice that he was pulling to the left. I got out after pulling into a layby to check to see if I had a flat tyre. NO. WORSE.

Notice the gap between the tyre and wheel arch on both sides!

The entire car had sunk on one side as the front airbag was empty. Was there a message on the dash to alert me to this life-threatening issue? Of course not! I tried to turn the engine on to see if the bag would reinflate. It didn’t…

I decided since I was so close to work, to drive Raymond, very carefully. The steering was heavy, and the ride was particularly bouncy. I finally arrived back at Famous Four and what happens after I put him into park? A little fault code pops up on the dash saying ‘suspension inactive’, just in case I hadn’t noticed already. Thanks Raymond!

-Famous Four

Land Rover Model Car Haul

Land Rover Model Car Haul

Working in the niche market of Land Rovers, we get to hear lots of Land Rover stories and also see lots of unique Land Rover items. Recently, one of our ex-employees was having a bit of a clear out and sold to us some of his collectible Land Rover models. The collection is rather impressive, and we will share more, but these first three are rather special.

Firstly, the one on the left is a Corgi Originals ‘The New Avengers: Steed’s Range Rover’ (Model 57604) and not only contains the hand painted detailed scale model Range Rover, but also includes a figurine of the main character, Steed. This find was released in 2000 as a celebration of the cult 70’s spy television show, which is a sequel to the 60’s show ‘The Avengers’. ‘The New Avengers’ was well known for it’s use of cars. Steed, the main character, was originally known for driving a Bentley in the original series, but in the sequel would either be seen driving a wide-bodied Jaguar XJ Coupe or a 1971 Range Rover 2-Door Suffix A in green, which is the model Corgi decided to create.

The middle model is a limited-edition Corgi Classics, #3879 of only 5900 produced, Gold-Plated Land Rover Pickup (Model 07103) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Land Rover in 1998. On the back of the box there is a brief story of Land Rover’s humble beginnings, with the launch all the way back at the Amsterdam Motor show in 1948 and then there is a little description of what they have managed in the 50 years since, particularly in agriculture. Regarding the model itself, having done some research it still remains a mystery to me as to why they chose what appears to be a Series I pickup, instead of the model that was launched in Amsterdam, but what I can say is that the model is pretty cool.

The final, and my personal favourite, is the Corgi Fairground Attractions Land Rover and Trailer (Model CC07401). This too is a limited edition being #4024 out of 5000. The Fairground Attractions collection is a series of vehicles and rides that help to tell the stories of famous fairground companies. This particular one tells the story of Harris’s Gallopers, whose name brands the Land Rover siding, and how they became a popular fairground company. The Land Rover itself is a Series I truck with a custom red and creamy livery.

These three models are not only three interesting examples of Land Rover history, but also a testament to the diversity in which they can be used; espionage, farming, and entertainment just to name a few.

RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 5: “Raymonds Second Home”

Chapter 5: Raymonds Second Home


With Raymond now driving the mean streets of rural Lincolnshire, we can explore him a little more in depth. He has three cupholders in the front for the two passengers, and none in the back for the three passengers… makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, if you want to feel like you are in a spy movie you can lift up the middle console and find, hidden away, a secret phone. Yes, the thing looks like a brick and as far as I am aware is completely not working, but to have it there, is pretty cool.

Now, the not so good thing about Raymond. He has decided he has a new favourite hang out spot, or as I like to call it his second home due to the amount of time he spends there. That place… the fuel station! And boy does he make you pay for taking him there. Fourty Great British pounds and it moved the fuel gauge to a quarter… A QUARTER! All that expensive fuel   we lovingly donate to him, does he save it and cherish it? NOPE, first journey 19 mpg, second journey 15.6 mpg, third journey was an improvement but still only 20mpg! We can’t wait for the more inefficient winter months ahead.

– Famous Four

RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 4: “The First Proper Drive”

Chapter 4: The First Proper Drive


After all of the new parts and fixing, it was finally time to take Raymond onto the road. Was this going to be scary? Of course, but what is life without a bit of unknown adventure? I soon settled in and noticed that Raymond is actually quite a nice car to drive around in. The air suspension means that he floats along the road and pot holes are not even noticeable.

The interior is comfortable and luxurious, with arm rests, lumbar support, working air conditioning and heated seats. Not everything is perfect in Raymond though… Firstly, he is a big boy, like ‘Andre the Giant’ big and this means that he drives like a bus. The steering feels heavy, and the stopping distance is a lot longer than any normal car. The temperature gauge is either broken or Raymond is ice cold… I’m going to go with broken though.

His final issue that I noticed was the next morning when I was due to bring him back. I went to get in, but I couldn’t due to the locks not working. I walked around the car, tried the key in the door, but nothing was working. Ten minutes later though, like an indecisive child, Raymond decided he did want to work and unlocked himself. The joys of a budget L322 have only just begun…

-Famous Four