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Range Rover Classic New Products

Famous Four continue to re-introduce long obsolete items back into the worldwide Classic market.

Range Rover Classic – One of our latest additions are handbrake lever gaiters for the Classic Range Rover, corresponding to original part number 393136 for LT95 handbrake lever gaiter

Handbrake Rubber Gaiter
4 Speed Manual LT95 (Left & Right Hand Drive) and
3-speed Automatic (Left Hand Drive ONLY)

We have also just added the plastic vent surround trims corresponding to original part numbers 390608, 390609 and MWC9362 for the trims fitted around the vents on the scuttle panel.

Bulkhead Vent Grille Trim Finisher – Right Hand Side – Outer

Bulkhead Vent Grille Trim Finisher – Left Hand Side – Outer
Bulkhead Vent Grille Trim Finisher – Centre

We will continue to introduce more exciting and impossible to find items to our existing extensive range over the course of 2019, and remain as the market leading manufacturer and supplier of parts for Range Rover Classics.

New Classic Range Rover Products

The devil is in the detail!

Famous Four, market leading parts suppliers and restorers of Classic Range Rover vehicles, began a programme to re-manufacture long obsolete parts for these vehicles some years ago, enabling the owners and restorers worldwide to source those previously unobtainable items which finish their car to the very highest standards. Here are some of our latest exclusive products available to order online now at www.famousfour.co.uk.

Famous Four mail order parts and accessories for the entire range of Land Rover vehicles throughout the UK and worldwide daily, and offer a service unrivalled within the industry.

FF010307 Wiper Spindle Nut

FF010307 – CHROMED BRASS WIPER SPINDLE NUT  – fits all front windscreen wiper spindles up to 1985.

FF007763 Wiper Spindle Sealing Bush

FF007763 – WIPER SPINDLE BUSH – fits all front windscreen wiper spindles up to 1993. This is the outer (visible) bush.

FF010211 Front Apron - Upper Bumper

FF010211 – FRONT UNDER BUMPER APRON SPOILER – made from ABS plastic, fits vehicles up to 1987, and can be easily modified to fit later vehicles.

FF010212 Front Closing Panel

FF010212 – FRONT CLOSING PANEL – made from ABS plastic. Fits below the  front of the radiator, all vehicles pre-1985.


All items are available from stock. Famous Four’s range of parts is growing all the time, so keep a keen eye on their website for new releases, as well as a vast range of existing items.

NEW PRODUCT: 2-Door Range Rover Bonnet Mirrors

As part of our constant efforts to provide the parts our customers need for restoration of popular classic Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, we are proud to introduce a new product. These Bonnet Mirrors for early 2-Door Range Rover Classics are a high quality reproduction item exclusive to Famous Four. A huge amount of time and effort has been put into replicating the iconic 1970s look of the original part closely while keeping the price as reasonable as possible.

We have had constant requests for these in recent years and we only have limited stocks available.

They are available while stocks last on our website: FF007783 – Range Rover 2-Door Bonnet Mirror

EXCLUSIVE NEW PRODUCTS – Range Rover 390345 Seal & MXC1391 Plastic Arm Replacement

As the UK’s only manufacturer of top tailgates for Range Rover Classics we are asked repeatedly by our customers to supply many of the items which bolt on to the tailgate frames. Most of these, such as the tailgate side catches, handles and hinges are available from our stocks. Some items have been discontinued and are incredibly difficult to source.

In response to customer demand, we have successfully re-manufactured two previously obsolete parts;

FF007593 corresponds to Land Rover part number 390345 and is the rubber seal which fits to the bottom horizontal edge of the top tailgate. This was fitted to Range Rovers pre-1982 and is the earlier, thin type seal correct for the early 2 door vehicles.

FF009306 is the lever arm section of the link rod for the central locking actuator which forms part of Land Rover part number MXC1391. As it is usually just this arm that breaks, we have re-manufactured this piece as a method of repairing the link rod assembly.

Check out our online ordering webpages for details of how to order.

NEW PRODUCTS – Replacement Range Rover & Discovery Key Fob Cases

We see a great many Discovery and Range Rover owners with worn out key fob cases. Sometimes they are unable to get into their vehicle as the buttons cease to work properly. Previously the only solution was to order a new, vehicle specific, remote fob for their vehicle from Land Rover at great cost.

Famous Four are now pleased to offer new ‘bare’ fob cases for the later models; Discovery 2, 3, Range Rover P38 and L322.

They have no internals at all but, for a very modest cost, enable owners to rejuvenate their existing worn out fob case by putting their old internals into these new cases.

Check them out on our website, part numbers: