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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 4: “The First Proper Drive”

Posted by Phil Marshall on December 2nd, 2022

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Chapter 4: The First Proper Drive


After all of the new parts and fixing, it was finally time to take Raymond onto the road. Was this going to be scary? Of course, but what is life without a bit of unknown adventure? I soon settled in and noticed that Raymond is actually quite a nice car to drive around in. The air suspension means that he floats along the road and pot holes are not even noticeable.

The interior is comfortable and luxurious, with arm rests, lumbar support, working air conditioning and heated seats. Not everything is perfect in Raymond though… Firstly, he is a big boy, like ‘Andre the Giant’ big and this means that he drives like a bus. The steering feels heavy, and the stopping distance is a lot longer than any normal car. The temperature gauge is either broken or Raymond is ice cold… I’m going to go with broken though.

His final issue that I noticed was the next morning when I was due to bring him back. I went to get in, but I couldn’t due to the locks not working. I walked around the car, tried the key in the door, but nothing was working. Ten minutes later though, like an indecisive child, Raymond decided he did want to work and unlocked himself. The joys of a budget L322 have only just begun…

-Famous Four