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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 10: “Teething Problems”

Posted by Phil Marshall on February 24th, 2023

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Chapter 10: Teething Problems                                                              05.10.2022

The cold mornings are finally here; however, Raymond is well prepared for the frosty challenge ahead. The heated steering wheel, the heated seats (of which have two settings, hot and very hot), and the heated windscreen will all fight off any inclement weather and keep me toastie. The first day and what do I have? A frozen windshield, but as I predicted, Raymond dealt with it as if that was what he was made for, and I was on my way with clear glass in front of me.

Heated Windscreen Working Wonders

Whilst Raymond has been a trooper against the cold, I do have to point out a few teething issues that have happened this week. There is a weird musty smell that appears when you have the heaters on. We suspect this to be either the pollen filter or the a/c. We will keep you informed either way. The other issue is that the radio is intermittent these days. I will be driving along, jamming out to some music, everything working fine and then suddenly, silence, radio off, not turning back on until you restart the car, only for it to repeat the process. I have noticed that it does it more often when the headlights are on, so perhaps Raymond has a wiring issue?? The final issue to note is the constant changing of the key fob battery every other week, which I would describe as more of an annoyance than a problem.

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