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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 11: “A Little Recharge”

Posted by Phil Marshall on March 10th, 2023

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Chapter 11: A little Recharge                                                               19.10.2022

Raymond has been working like a trooper, so he had a little holiday for two weeks. However, we aren’t too sure if Raymond liked the holiday as when we went to unlock him, he wouldn’t. When we manually unlocked the car, there were no interior lights. When we tried the ignition, nothing happened. Raymond was out for the count. Luckily, we have jump start packs in the workshop so we managed to get one of those out to Raymond, but no luck, he still wouldn’t start. Perhaps this issue was bigger than just the battery, maybe, just maybe this was the end for Raymond.

Raymond is not moving

Not being one to give up so easily, especially not on Raymond, I persevered, placed the jump pack on him for another go, Boom, we were running.  I left him ticking over whilst I got ready and within 5 minutes, we were on the road heading for Louth, every mile charging the battery a little bit more. OR was I? I had no lights on the dash so assumed the best.

Once back at the Workshop, we tested the alternator, it was working, phew! Next the battery, all ok, or will be after a charge, phew! Then the realisation that Raymond must have a battery drain, oh no. I left Raymond with the Workshop for a while, I think he likes it there as he behaved. A few hours later I am informed the drain has been traced to the Sat Nav which is constantly live. We need to sort this out so Raymond can soldier on.