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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 17: “One Step Forward… Two Steps Back.”

Posted by Phil Marshall on June 6th, 2023

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Chapter 17: One Step Forward… Two Steps Back.

Raymond has been running brilliantly so it’s treat time. Raymond has an LCD fault on the dash display, a common L322 fault. A bit of internet research revealed a repair that was available in the form of a new LCD ribbon. A few pounds spent and a couple of days wait, and we had the part in front of us.

The Pixel Issue

We booked Raymond in the Workshop and waited. The day finally arrived, the instrument cluster was removed, and the stripping began in earnest, for about 5 minutes. Apparently, Raymond decided to melt the coils that controlled the Rev Counter and Temperature gauge. We could not remove the needles and therefore could not proceed any further with the repair. To top it all off neither the Rev Counter nor the Temperature Gauge work anymore. Things were not going to plan.

The Stripped Instrument Cluster

We have ordered some more new parts to complete the repair so watch this space.

To top it all off, Raymond started to make a loud ticking noise which mysteriously disappeared 5 minutes from homeand has not reappeared. We assume Raymond was not happy and wanted to share his feelings.

In summary unlike the title suggests it was more three steps back than one step
forward and two steps back.