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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 12: “A Whole Heap of Problems”

Posted by Phil Marshall on March 24th, 2023

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Chapter 12: A Whole Heap of Problems 28.10.2022

Another week and to start with it has been pure bliss driving Raymond around. There have only been a few minor issues, such as a side light bulb needing to be replaced. The issues of the past seemed to be just that, in the past, or so I thought.

The Broken Side Light

The problems started on Friday; I started him up to go to work and put him in drive. Normally, this is when the car would move, but not today. I decided that maybe this was just a blip and that I should just try again. Put it back into park, waited a moment, said a little good luck prayer, and then moved the shifter into drive and… nothing yet again. I swear Raymond just likes making me late for work. I thought to myself, what’s that old saying “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” So, I did just that, turned Raymond off and back on again and then proceeded to put him in drive once more and hallelujah, this time he moved off like there was no issue at all. Having spoken to the technicians, we believe that a solenoid might have got stuck and that it should be a recurring problem.

Sunday then came around, and I thought, let’s go for a little drive, clicked to open and there was a telling silence that something was wrong. Maybe the key was just dead, and my negative thoughts would be proven wrong… I wasn’t wrong. Raymond was as flat as a pancake, no battery at all. So, instead of going out for a relaxing drive around the countryside, I am in the garage digging out the battery charger and hoping that he is alive for the morning drive to work.

Nothing is coming on…

Thankfully, the outcome was good, and he came alive with full power in the morning. Something is definitely draining this battery and we need to get to the bottom of it. We have reason to believe it is not the Sat-Nav, however that leaves us with more questions than answers. Oh, Raymond, you do make life interesting….