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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 13: “The Cold Front Hits…”

Posted by Phil Marshall on April 7th, 2023

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Chapter 13: The Cold Front Hits                                                                                       25.11.2022

This week in the UK the temperatures have plummeted below 0°C hitting as low as -6°C. Monday morning and I go to get in Raymond and he is completely frozen over. I got in the car and turned on whatever heater I could find: windscreen, seats, steering wheel to try and warm myself and Raymond up. When I finally set off, I was lovely and toasty inside but outside was a different story. The roads were white and like ice rinks, however Raymond handled those slippy roads like they were glue, not sliding once.

Tuesday was the coldest day so without a moment of hesitation all of those heaters were back on making Raymond heaven. The drive was once again sublime, however this is Raymond, so something had to go wrong. Once I was parked up, I went to open the door and nothing happened. I locked and then unlocked the door a few times trying to open the door with each attempt. I thought to myself that it must be the weather and perhaps the mechanism had seized up. I called over to a passing colleague to try the door from the other side, hoping that it was just the inner door handle, but no luck, Raymond had locked me in. I got up and shuffled across to the passenger seat and tried the other door and thankfully with a little persuasion the door opened. Later on, we went to inspect what had happened but lo and behold, nothing was wrong anymore, all the doors were working fine. I think the workshop technicians think I’m losing the plot, with all these issues that ‘solve’ themselves.

The rest of the week Raymond, surprisingly behaved himself, dealing with the tumultuous weather like a champion. Despite the little hiccup near the start of the week, it is times like this when owning a L322 has its benefits and makes me one happy driver.