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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 7: “Fixing the Issue!”

Posted by Phil Marshall on January 13th, 2023

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Chapter 7: Fixing The Issue!


After the ordeal of the last drive, Raymond was now sat in the workshop, so that the technicians could reveal what really happened. And just as we had predicted last time, the air spring had deflated. So, now we need to get hold of a new one and then change them over.

A nice easy job, take off the wheels, remove the brake discs to reveal the air spring and then disconnect the air spring from under the bonnet. Then it is a case of placing the new air spring in and reconnecting it, putting the car on all fours and hoping that it inflates. And without any hesitation, Raymond rose like a phoenix. We also topped up the coolant as it was low.

We took Raymond out for a drive, and he feels so much better now, gliding over all the bumps, smooth as can be. It is amazing how one little change can make such a mountain of a difference.

-Famous Four