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Land Rover Model Car Haul pt.ii

Posted by Phil Marshall on January 21st, 2023

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After diving back into the collection of model cars that we bought from an ex-employee, I came across yet another limited edition find. This Corgi Millennium Collection Land Rover is #1635 out of 3000.

There isn’t much on the internet about this collection itself and I could only find two other vehicles, a Q1 Trolley Bus and a Fowler B6 Super Lion Showman’s Engine. From what I can tell the collection is to do with some of the standout vehicles by the time we reached a new millennium. If this is the case, then what a testament to Land Rover for being selected. On the side of the box, we have a shortened version of what was on the 50 Years Anniversary box we looked at last time. The model itself is very similar to the 50 year one, however this is a silver version and does have the spare tyre on the bonnet.

Also amongst the boxes of boxes was this gem of a find in the form of a Limited-Edition Royal Mail Land Rover, #4646 out of 5600. This was one of two Limited Edition Royal Mail die-cast scale models in 1997, the other being the Bedford CA Van.

This Land Rover is based on a Series II SWB that was used by Royal Mail in the 1960’s for rural deliveries. The hardback top is actually removable on this model; however, I haven’t found anything to back up that Royal Mail ever used it without the top. I did however manage to find a photo on Pinterest of one in real life and the accuracy of the model is spectacular. Whilst looking into Royal Mail’s vehicles I found that they used a wide range of Land Rover’s in rural areas.

The final find for this post is yet another car from a television programme, Daktari. The popular TV show, Daktari, was a drama series in the 1960’s by MGM Television. The word ‘Daktari’ is actually Swahili for Doctor and the show was all about a scientist dedicated to the preservation of wildlife in the African Jungle.

This model car is another Land Rover Series II, however without the hard top, but with a wonderful jungle livery and the words Wameru Sub-District across the side. Wameru is the Swahili word for the Meru, an Bantu ethnic group. This set also comes with the two pets the doctor in the show had, Judy the Chimp and Clarence the Lion. Clarence on the show actually had a stunt double on the show called Leo, who was used for any snarling or ferocious scenes.

The final fact about this set is that is actually based on an original 1967 Corgi Daktari set which sold in excess of 1 million units in the seven years it was available.

Three amazing finds in this haul, once again showing the amazing diversity of Land Rover and the cultural impact that the vehicles have had. Delivering mail and saving the animals of Africa.