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RAYMOND THE RANGE ROVER Chapter 8: “New Discoveries…”

Posted by Phil Marshall on January 27th, 2023

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Chapter 8: New Discoveries… 28.08.2022

Since the last chapter Raymond has been driving really well, which has allowed us to make some discoveries about him…

In a previous chapter, we mentioned the 3 cup holders in the front and none in the back. Well, we now know that one of the cup holders is adjustable so you can put drinks of varying size in it with no issue.

Adjustable cup holder

With the inevitable cold days of the British winter upon us, I was very excited with a fully functioning heated steering wheel. Another added bonus was the super demister that clears not only front and rear screens but also the wing mirrors. Magic!

Heated Steering Wheel button at the bottom
Front and Rear demisters

The fuel situation is also improving with the MPG slowly creeping up to 21.2 meaning the fuel we put in might last a little longer, maybe the 5 working days??

After a week of no issues, our luck had come to an end as two problems occurred at once. A message stating the key fob battery was low and also that the coolant was low. The battery issue should just be a simple battery replacement, but the coolant one is different as it was only just topped up, which would suggest a leak somewhere. The workshop say they will investigate where or if we have a leak.